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What stage are we at?

1 month until pre-launch


Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce that, in less than 1 month, we will prelaunch the VK-X on Indiegogo. Today, we wanted to publish a summary of the situation to let you know where we are in the process!


The VK-X, today


We are currently in possession of the first prototype of the VK-X! Having developed the mechanical aspect of the headphones, we are now working on the bluetooth and audio aspects. I am happy to announce that the first tests of our bluetooth model are conclusive in terms of range and the signal strength, and that we are really satisfied with the audio production, even if there are some final details left to finish. Baptiste will discuss these details in length in an upcoming article.


Confirmed features


To date, this is the list of the VK-X confirmed features:

  • Over-ear design
  • Bluetooth 4.2 with Aptx, Aptx HD, SBC, MP3, AAC codecs (see our article dedicated to Bluetooth)
  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
  • Battery life: a minimum of 12 hours when using the VK-X wireless with the ANC
  • USB-C charging
  • High-Res listening through the USB-C cable



Made-to-order service


The VK-X will be produced in a limited series with two different versions: the VK-X Classic (Brown leather, Grey Aluminum) and the VK-X Legacy (Black Leather, Grey Aluminum).

For those who would like a wider range of color options, it will be possible to personalize one’s VK-X amongst a selection of 6 different colored leathers and 6 different color variations of aluminum. In choosing the made-to-order headphones, a color chart of materials will be sent to the client before the completion of the order, and the headphones will be customized upon receipt of the client’s leather and aluminum color preferences.

> Read the made-to-order service presentation focused on our leather work
> Discover the selected leather colors


Projected price


We have not yet finalized the bill of materials (the detailed list of all the components required for the production of the headphones), which means we are unable to annonce the projected public price of our headphones. Nonetheless, our current estimations for the future public price are between 600 USD and 690 USD, tax included.

Discounts from 20 up to 40 percent will be available throughout the financing our project to aid in the production of the VK-X, while also thanking our clients for their support.




Please find below a timeline presenting both our next development steps and the campaign calendar for the upcoming months.

This weekend, Paul will present our decisions concerning the aluminum part of the made-to-order service.

I am at your disposition to answer your questions 🙂


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Nice article, thanks! So no engraving in the end?


The price is high. Consumers without any Aëdle experience will compare it with BOSE,Beats and other brands. They are much cheaper. I wonder if there are enough people who are willing to pay this. I would, but I’m very happy with my VK-2, and I don’t see reason for a upgrade.


It is high, yes, but this does not compare with Bose or Beats I think a better comparison would be Master&Dynamic (currently $550 for their wireless offering) and the like.


Hey, does it include a microphone for using it as a headset?

Thanks regards


Very interesting project. A common issue with some ANC headphone is that the ANC cannot be deactivated (e.g. at home I would rather listen without ANC) and the entire headphones cannot be used once the battery is flat. Can you enlarge upon this aspect with regard to the VK-X?

Baptiste Sancho

Dear Carlo, thank you for commenting. The ANC will be of course desactivable ! This will be done either from the headphones control, either from the app


Will the case be a hard case or another soft case? And will the case include a battery, like the Mophie case, to wireless or wired charge the phone in the case?

Baptiste Sancho

Dear Shai, thanks for commenting. We will provide a hard case with the VK-X, but without battery. At your disposition!


I saw that the shipping start date will be in November. Will you present the VK-X also at the IFA in Berlin in September ?

Baptiste Sancho

Dear Thomas, thanks. We might present it at IFA but I could not confirm it now as we didn’t decide yet!


Will the noice cancelation work when the battery is death?