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Hi everyone,


Lucas here from aëdle. Today, I am writing the present article on the future VK-X phone application to present you with the first set of specs that we have drawn up, including a list of the main features that we intend to include. Above all, I am writing this article to ask your opinion as application users. Indeed, when we take a look at the user reviews left on other applications concerning similar wireless headsets, we see that they correspond little to the expectations of their users


1) The features of the application


We decided to make the first application straight-forward, with perhaps less features than others, but with perfect functionality, to which we may add other functions later. Here is the list below, which I will separate into 2 parts: the primary features, which concern the daily use of the VK-X, and secondary features, which concern less day-to-day use.

Primary features

The 3 primary features will be the most visible and accessible within the application to facilitate immediate use.

  • Listening mode, including setting active noise cancelling and equalization
  • Battery, including headphone battery level and charging mode choice (fast / normal)
  • Pairing, allowing the management of the pairing with the headphones


Secondary features

Secondary features would be accessible via the application menu. Here is a list of what we plan to add to facilitate easy use and maintenance of the VK-X and to provide accessible customer service to our users:

  • Updates to the application and to the VK-X
  • VK-X registration via serial number and owner ID for headset warranty
  • Direct customer service contact from the app



2) Interface


Here is a diagram of the navigation interface that we imagine.

The primary features are directly visible on the application’s homepage. Each primary functionality is clickable, allowing the display of possible parameters and settings that affect it. For example, for the listening mode, a click will open a drop-down menu displaying the active noise reduction mode and equalizer mode. By clicking on it again, it is possible to choose its equalization mode.

As for the secondary features, they would be accessible through the application menu.


3) Complete list of features : give us your opinion!


Here is a list of the features of our ideal minimal application. Your opinions, your ideas and your feedback are welcome so that we can adjust our specifications before launching the development of the application, which will take place this summer:


F1    Management and display for pairing of the VK-X (storage, auto-connect, management of 2 simultaneous sources, smartphone + laptop)

F2    Battery level display of the VK-X

F3    Management of charging (Fast Charge, Normal Charge)

F4    Display for the activation of active noise reduction (ON / OFF)

F5    Display of the selected equalization mode (normal, custom, etc …)

F6    Customized equalization profile management

F7    Updates to the VK-X

F8    Updating the application

F9    Product Registration Online for Warranty

F10  Direct customer service contact from the app

N      A new feature to suggest?


You can comment below. Thank you for starting with the ID number of the feature (mentioned above) so that we can quickly know what feature you are talking about!

A your disposition,



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Honestly, I’d rather not have an app. The design simplicity should be mirrored in the usage simplicity. My home screen is cluttered. Please keep this pure and simple. A very good product, that’s easy to use with no extraneous parts.


I agree. An app has a very limited use case, e.g. for customizing the listening experience. A good example is tailored sound processing / hearing profile using technology from Mimi (https://www.mimi.io). Apart form that, I would not want another app but rather headphones that do not require any app whatsoever…

Baptiste Sancho

Thanks Carlo for your comment. We actually are in discussion with Mimi and we love their technology. Did you have the chance to try it?


I love the concept of Mimi but have yet to try a physical product using their sound processing technology. So far, I have only tried their app and I liked the results. To me, the processing was well balanced, not another layer in the loudness war. It added clarity and fidelity to the sound already at lower volumes. So, I do consider it an advantage for a “mobile” headphone. Sometimes 100% “mimified” feels too much, so it’s necessary to be able to fade between 0% and 100% in some way. I would need to know / try more to be… Read more »

Baptiste Sancho

Dear Carlo,
thank you so much for this feedback. We will have a try on the VK-X and see if it is worth it, and maybe offer Mimi as an option for those who would like to use it.


It might put you in a unique position, I don’t think there is any ANC headphone with this feature on the market, just yet. I’ll be curious to hear about your verdict, even is you discard this idea. Good luck with the campaign and the product. Im already a backer, so let me know it I need to make Mimi an offer they can’t refuse… their office is just around the corner. Haha 🙂

Baptiste Sancho

Thanks for your feedback Iain. We might move the app to a stretch goal on Indiegogo, or delay its development as it is true, it is not supposed to be the product.


I like the app to reduce as a mean to minimize mechanical features on the headset yet looking at this UX is really lacking the definition of the scenarios its meant to help with. 1. Pairing, i believe this should happen only once right? So this can be a request when you open the app for the first time if you dont do it you could then add some item to sync it or ask again next time you open the app. 2. Battery. This, in relation to 1, should appear only if its paired with something and Why dont… Read more »

Baptiste Sancho

Hi Nazario, and thanks for your useful feedback. We are only at the beginning of the app development so this is helping us.