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VK-X Development

August 2018


Good afternoon everyone,


It’s Lucas here. Today, I am happy to write this update to let you know where we are as we have been working hard on production as soon as the ring belt on July 24th, marking the end of the Indiegogo funding campaign. Please do not hesitate to comment and ask questions!




Project Status


We are currently still on schedule for a delivery in November 2018, but as production advances, we will have more accuracy and I will let you know if something changes.


More precisely, half of the toolings (mainly the ones for simple plastic components) were already produced before the end of the campaign. In order to validate the other half (and especially the aluminum cups mold), Baptiste is currently finalizing another VK-X mechanical prototype since we took the time to run another prototype round and decided to do so to make sure everything is working properly before launching the last key toolings and molds production. 


We plan to have the very first set of complete VK-X post-tooling samples in September, which will allow us to do minor adjustments if needed and to refine the sound signature before launching the definitive components production.


To date, the only development part that could potentially lead to (tiny) delays is the electronic part. We basically had to change the whole conception since one of the main components of the previous electronic card prevented the LDAC implementation that was unlocked thanks to your support. LDAC will be, indeed, implemented (we are currently finalizing the agreement with SONY), and we are doing our best to limit the effect of its implementation in terms of delay.




Major Updates


I take this opportunity to share with you some great news that occurred in the past month 🙂


The VK-X will also feature Digital Audio with USB-C


This feature was not planned, but we went the extra mile so our users can enjoy digital audio on their headphones. It means that the VK-X could be used without any bandwidth limitation through its USB-C cable and could bypass your phone DAC (Digital to Audio Converter, often not really performing for phones). Alternatively, our USB-C to 3.5mm jack will enable our users to listen without battery as planned.


Hard Case Pouch


Yes, the VK-X pouch will be a Hard Case Pouch! It was not planned originally, but we listened to your feedbacks and started a late development to do it. Please find a first trial prototype picture below






Made To Order


The swatch books are ready and only one tricky color still needs to be adjusted a little: Dark Bronze. For those who decided to go with the VK-X Made To Order option, we should ship the swatch books in the first week of September and will send you shortly an email to confirm your delivery address. For those who decided to go with the Serie Editions, it is still time to change and upgrade to a Made To Order VK-X if you would like!




Last but not least, we plan with Baptiste to run a couple of webinars and to write more specific and detailed articles in September and October, and we would like to know what topics you would be interested to be covered.

Please just post your ideas as comments below and upvote/downvote to help us decide the most important ones!



I am at your disposition, as well as our team, to respond to any of your comments or questions!

Have a great day,



PS. VK-X first batch units are still available for pre-orders and live on our website. Do not hesitate to have a look at the full description and features, and spread the love! 

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Always great to see an update from you guys, pumped to get them.

Paul Acquitter

Thanks Adam, it is much appreciated!


USB C – does this mean it has a DAC and amp onboard? It takes digital stream into the USB C socket?


Great to hear you’re making so much progress! Can’t wait for this to launch.

What I’d be interested in is the sound signature and if there would be a way of altering it (e.g. via EQ).

I’d also be interested in the active noise cancellation and how well it performs. I am assuming this capability was bought / licensed from someone specialising in noise cancellation?


Regarding the LDAC codec, one thing you could do would be to have a ‘webinar’ for non audiophiles on the differences of AAC, AptX HD and LDAC coding. It would be very helpful.


Very excited to receive my swatch book – thank you very much!

Paul Acquitter

Thanks Campbell! We will keep you updated regarding the shipping of the swatch books.


Just awesome, guys! I felt like I made a great investment! Keep at it!! You have my support.

Paul Acquitter

Cheers Matt! Thanks for you support.

Alex Chapman

Thanks for the update! Always fantastic to hear the latest on this amazing project. Just to let you know, on your official website, it still says „Delivery in December 2018“ for the VK-X.

Alex Chapman

Apologies if this has been clarified elsewhere, but will the VK-X ship with a USB-C to Lighting cable for iPhone? Or will an adapter be required for wired listening?


Hi, the swatch books will be dispatched soon?