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VK-X Assemblies

Headbands, Speakers, Grids


Hi everyone,


I wish you all a Happy New Year! 🥂

Everything begins to take shape in the workshop, and here is today a first series of pictures showing the assemblies that are in progress. Other photos will follow, of course, showing, in particular, the assembly of the metal parts.

The other news of the day:

  • LDAC BT codec was successfully tested;
  • PCB production follows its schedule;
  • LED and sound prompts are definitely validated;
  • We are waiting on Qualcomm to deliver us Aptx and Aptx HD licenses requested months ago. It should work, but we are contacting alternative distributors to secure other ways to get the licenses for the VK-X.
  • No other delay is expected other than a week that will depend on our assembly speed.


See you soon!





(1) Headbands


Back in December 2018, we received the metallic headbands of the VK-X; we have now assembled them along with their cable and they were covered with hand-stitched leather by our Parisian partner for all the Serie edition headphones (Classic and Legacy colors).



Serie headbands, Classic color.

For Made-To-Order headphones, we started assembly too, depending on the orders received for those colors. Please find below the 6 first definitive headbands that were manufactured for each color.


Headbands in our 6 different colors.


(2) Speakers and Grids


Since we received the speakers and the grids, we started to solder the speakers to their connection cables to be able to assemble them with the headphone body. Grids are plastic components that close the earcup, as you can see in the model below. Each grid hosts 3 magnets in their back, that allow holding the detachable earpads on the VK-X.


on the left: VK-X speakers.
on the right: soldering the speakers to their connection cables.
below: plastic grids 

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Alex Chapman
Alex Chapman

Very nice! Things look like they’re really starting to take shape! So did the increased spacing in the PCB eliminate the RF noise, or did you go with French production?

Matthew Fuller
Matthew Fuller

Love your work gentlemen. Are there any updates regarding the shipping schedule which is marked to commence tomorrow (25th jan 19)? I’m sure everyone is also very interested in any blog posts relating to the ‘sound signature 1/3’ entries or any updates in general for that matter. Thank you


same here!


Please keep us up to date

Matthew Han

Awesome to see all things shaping up. It felt like ages ago when I made pledge and can not wait to try out your new model.
However, I didn’t receive an email on this update from you guys 🙁 I missed it for some reason. I wish I would have been informed. I was wondering you guys were quite for few months without knowing these updates exist. Great to see we are getting there! good luck till the end!


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