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VK-X battery presentation

Batteries received in Paris – Specifications


Hi everyone 🙂


Lucas here. Hope you are well! We just received more than 1,000 VK-X batteries at the workshop, so I took some time to write this small article and present it. We are available to answer your questions.


A unique battery


The VK-X battery is unique. We could have used standard batteries that exist on the market, which, considering the very limited available space inside the cup, would have highly impacted our battery life duration (a battery capacity is directly connected to its size). Indeed, the standard fitting batteries we found had a 750 mAh (mAh = Milliamp-Hours) capacity. By designing our own battery, we increased its capacity to 950 mAh, which was a  noticeable +26% improvement.



Our custom battery perfectly fits our cup,
thus maximizing its size and capacity.






You will find below the full battery specification list. Please note that the estimated duration will be confirmed after we finished our tests *

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Capacity: 950 mAh
  • Up to 20 hours with Bluetooth and ANC *
  • Up to 30 hours with Bluetooth only *
  • Fast charging time approx 1 hour max *



If you are curious about its actual dimensions, I just made some measurements for you:

Made-to-order: selected aluminum colors

Discover the selected aluminum colors


Hello everyone,

To follow up with the made-to-order option to choose the VK-X leather colors, I am presenting today the aluminum colors that will also be available for this service!

We selected 6 different anodizing colors according to the leather colors that were chosen.


1) The 6 available aluminum colors


Our signature Classic Gray aluminum (used for the VK-1, VK-2 and the ODS-1) will be available with 2 variations on neutral tones: Dark Gray and BlackThose colors will go well with the available leather color options.

We have also chosen to present 3 new original colors with the VK-X. A clear Champagne, a discrete Rose Gold and at last a Dark Bronze, our coup de Coeur.



2) How to choose your VK-X made-to-order colors


Choose the colors and materials of your VK-X could not be done online without seeing them for real. Indeed, the made-to-order headphones won’t be pictured in advance unlike the VK-X series editions since it would require crafting 36 different headphones. For this reason, we decided to send a swatch book that will enable to discover the leathers, the aluminum and their colors for real, in order to make your choice informed and easier!

VK-X made-to-order swatch book


3) Learn more about the aluminum


I also published an article that describes how we make and color our aluminum cups. Aluminum is a light gray malleable metal that requires an operation called anodizing in order to be used for our headphones. It is a bit technical, but do not hesitate to have a look; I will be happy to answer if you have any question: http://journal.aedle.net/2018/05/23/vk-x-aluminum/