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What stage are we at?

10 days before the pre-launch


Good Afternoon everyone,

Having taken stalk a month away from the preorder launch of the VK-X, today we are 10 days from the launch and look to reevaluate where we are at now.

The VK-X, today


The development of the mechanical aspect of the headphones is completely finished. Since our last update, we have also reached the end of the development of the electronic aspect of our headphones and we have made good progress concerning audio production: the sound tests have been conclusive and we are now preparing to refine this signature sound we have been working for now 7 years: a balanced sound, a remarkable bass, and an immersive listening experience for the user. We are also happy to share with you one of the first pictures we made of the VK-X in its Classic series version: link to picture.


Confirmed features


Baptiste recently published an article which lists all the specs and features of the VK-X. I invite you to read it here directly: http://journal.aedle.net/2018/06/10/vk-x-features/


1000 units


As you may already know, we are a small brand and we intend to remain one. We are a limited team, committed to our project and our vision. In order to guarantee the best quality possible and to avoid the pitfalls of overproduction, namely forgoing our attention to detail as well as quality, we have chosen to limit the pre-order campaign to 1,000 units. This will allow us to maintain optimal control over the quality and to offer each consumer a unique product.


Projected Price


In one of our most recent articles, we were only able to give a price estimate for the VK-X. This price has now been fixed: the official public price will be $649 | 649€.

During the 30-day fundraising campaign, however, prices will range from $349 to $399 depending on the time of purchase to thank our supporters and backers.


Made-to-order service


In addition to the two series editions (Brown “Classic” and Black “Legacy”), whose leathers and anodizing will be available for customization, customers will also have the option to choose between 4 new leathers (Carmine Red, Roy Blue, Sand Beige and English Green) as well as 5 new anodization for the aluminium colors (Black, Anthracite, Champagne, Rose Gold and Bronze).

This new customization option will also be launched with the launch of the VK-X with an add-on price of $50. The cost of customization outside of the prelaunch campaign will cost approximately $150.

In choosing this option, the customer will receive a color chart at the end of the pre-order campaign where he or she will find tissue samples to get an idea of what the final product will look like with the color customizations :



Once the order has been validated, the customized headphones will be crafted with care for our customers, which will, of course, entail a supplementary delay due to the crafted nature of each object.

> See the presentation of the tailored service, leather part

> Discover the available color options for leather

> See our customization service, Aluminium part

> Discover the colors of aluminium available


Next steps

At your disposition to answer your questions 🙂


VK-X app

Share your thoughts!


Hi everyone,


Lucas here from aëdle. Today, I am writing the present article on the future VK-X phone application to present you with the first set of specs that we have drawn up, including a list of the main features that we intend to include. Above all, I am writing this article to ask your opinion as application users. Indeed, when we take a look at the user reviews left on other applications concerning similar wireless headsets, we see that they correspond little to the expectations of their users


1) The features of the application


We decided to make the first application straight-forward, with perhaps less features than others, but with perfect functionality, to which we may add other functions later. Here is the list below, which I will separate into 2 parts: the primary features, which concern the daily use of the VK-X, and secondary features, which concern less day-to-day use.

Primary features

The 3 primary features will be the most visible and accessible within the application to facilitate immediate use.

  • Listening mode, including setting active noise cancelling and equalization
  • Battery, including headphone battery level and charging mode choice (fast / normal)
  • Pairing, allowing the management of the pairing with the headphones


Secondary features

Secondary features would be accessible via the application menu. Here is a list of what we plan to add to facilitate easy use and maintenance of the VK-X and to provide accessible customer service to our users:

  • Updates to the application and to the VK-X
  • VK-X registration via serial number and owner ID for headset warranty
  • Direct customer service contact from the app



2) Interface


Here is a diagram of the navigation interface that we imagine.

The primary features are directly visible on the application’s homepage. Each primary functionality is clickable, allowing the display of possible parameters and settings that affect it. For example, for the listening mode, a click will open a drop-down menu displaying the active noise reduction mode and equalizer mode. By clicking on it again, it is possible to choose its equalization mode.

As for the secondary features, they would be accessible through the application menu.


3) Complete list of features : give us your opinion!


Here is a list of the features of our ideal minimal application. Your opinions, your ideas and your feedback are welcome so that we can adjust our specifications before launching the development of the application, which will take place this summer:


F1    Management and display for pairing of the VK-X (storage, auto-connect, management of 2 simultaneous sources, smartphone + laptop)

F2    Battery level display of the VK-X

F3    Management of charging (Fast Charge, Normal Charge)

F4    Display for the activation of active noise reduction (ON / OFF)

F5    Display of the selected equalization mode (normal, custom, etc …)

F6    Customized equalization profile management

F7    Updates to the VK-X

F8    Updating the application

F9    Product Registration Online for Warranty

F10  Direct customer service contact from the app

N      A new feature to suggest?


You can comment below. Thank you for starting with the ID number of the feature (mentioned above) so that we can quickly know what feature you are talking about!

A your disposition,