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Now shipping: VK-X BATCH 4


Updated 13.03.2019


Hello everyone,

Lucas here, I hope you are doing well. I am sorry we haven’t published much since our last update. Today,

  • I am presenting our shipping schedule
  • I am happy to tell you that we started shipping Batch 2
  • Also, as you asked, I recently sent an email to everyone so you can know your Batch number


We are indeed fully concentrated on assembling, soldering, flashing the software, performing quality control checks and shipping the VK-X to our 720 first backers. Unfortunately, this process is taking more time than expected since each pair of headphones, as we realized, takes at least 2 hours to be entirely completed and then shipped. Of course, there is a learning curve, and we plan to reduce the time required for the production of 1 unit to 1 hour in the next weeks by optimizing our production line and by hiring extra temporary staff. We are now 9 people working almost full time on headphone production (Baptiste and I also need to do other tasks related to running the company), including Saturdays.

If everything goes well, we should now be able to ship one batch per week, which gives the following schedule (updated on 13.03.2019):

  • Batch 2: from 23rd of February until 1st of March ~ 90 units 
  • Batch 3: from 2nd of March until 12th of March ~ 90 units ✅
  • Batch 4: from 13rd of March until 19th of March ~ 100 units
  • Batch 5: from 20th of March until 26th of March ~ 110 units
  • Batch 6: from 27th of March until 2nd of April ~ 120 units
  • Batch 7: from 3rd of April until 9th of April ~ 130 units


Please note that you can check which batch is being shipped on the blog’s header to see if we are ahead or behind schedule.

As a reminder, please find below additional information about shipping:

  • A couple of days before your batch shipment begins, I will ask you to confirm your shipping address
  • All shipments will feature a tracking number and will be delivered with signature only
  • You will receive an email notification once your VK-X has been shipped


I am sorry for those delays and I understand the impatience of you all. We are doing our best, and the first feedbacks are great so far: we look forward to delivering your VK-X 🙂

I am at your disposition if you have any other questions and will be happy to help: please just comment!

I wish you a great weekend,